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Finn Kalvik

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FINN KALVIK - fra A til nÅ, 40 BESTE by Gjermund Wilhelm Wilhelmsen (in Norwegian)

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Finn Kalvik
Finn Kalvik

”Du kan ikke måle tiden i tommer og meter
og livet er et glimt imellom to evigheter”
(”You cannot measure time in inches and meters
and life is a glimpse between two eternities”)

Finn Kalvik

Finn Kalvik

When I searched the Internet for information about Finn Kalvik, I realised that most of what was written about him was negative. That's a pity, because his music has given me so much joy. He deserves better! This is why I decided to make these pages.

Finn Kalvik

Finn Kalvik now has his own website: www.finnkalvik.no. Unfortunately it is in Norwegian only, but on the pages you find, among other things, lyrics to his songs and pictures of him and his art.

If you are a Finn Kalvik fan too, write to me.

Thank you Polygram Norway for the picture.