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This is Carin Olofsson

My interests are, among other things, cats, computers, genealogy, the Internet, dolphins, nature - especially Kullaberg and reading.

I also like to listen to music, for example Creedence Clearwater Revival, Erik Grip, Ted Gärdestad, Harpo, Chesney Hawkes, Finn Kalvik, Runrig, Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens. I also love bagpipe music.

When it comes to humour, my favourite is the Danish group Linie 3.

My hobbies are genealogy. This has led to some projects like the war graves at Pålsjö war cemetery, old articles in old newspapers (Swedish only) etc.

Since 1976 I live in Helsingborg, in the beautiful province the province Skåne, in Sweden. However, I grew up in the little village Jonstorp.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me. You can write either in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or German. I will reply in English or Swedish.